Baked Pizza Sticks with Cheesy Jalapeño Dip

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These baked and crunchy wheat flour sticks are sprinkled with a light chilly-garlic-pizza flavor to satisfy your pizza cravings and come with their very own companion - cheesy jalapeño dip!

Ingredient List: 

Baked Pizza Sticks - Refined Wheat Flour, Red Chilly Garlic, Iodised Salt, Cheese, Pizza Masala, and Vegetable Oil.

Cheesy Jalapeño Dip - Refined soybean oil, water, synthetic vinegar(water, acetic acid(INS260), sugar, emulsifier, and stablizers(INS1442,INS1450,INS415), cheese powder(2.5%), iodised salt, tomato paste, spices and condiments, jalpeno powder(0.5%), natural and nature-identical flavouring substances, preservatives(INS211,INS202), Acidity regulator(INS330),Herbs,antioxidant(INS319) and sequestrant(INS385).

Taste Profile: 

Baked Pizza Sticks - Baked, Spicy, Crunchy.

Cheesy Jalapeño Dip - Cheesy, Spicy, Delicious.

Nutritional Information:

Allergen Information:

Contains milk & milk products and soy.

Health Benefits:

  • Rich in protein
  • Baked