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The perfect box for a first-time customer! Try all the Snackible bestsellers in just 1 click!

Following are the snacks: 

Box of 17 Snacks

  • Baked pizza with cheesy Jalapeno Dip 75g
  • Coffee cookies 80g
  • Nacho cheese jowar Puffs 35g
  • Cheddar cheese makhana 30g
  • Pudina Tapioca Chips 70g
  • Sriracha Quinoa Puffs 35g
  • Roasted Moong Jor 85g
  • Peri Peri Ragi Chips 55g
  • Spicy Habanero & passion Fruit Chickpea Popped Chips 30g
  • Chocolate energy bar 1 pcs
  • Achari Quinoa Khakhra 75g
  • Cocoa fills 85g
  • Herbs & cheese chickpea puffs 35g
  • Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies 50g
  • Cheese & Onion Sorghum Puffs 30g
  • Mini biscuit sticks with chocolaty dip 1 pcs
  • Biscuit sticks with caramel dip 1 pcs