Jalapeño Peanuts

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A splash of Jalapeño on your favourite protein rich Peanuts. A Snackible recommended, dive into taste your favourite pizza topping as a peanut.

Ingredients List: 

Peanut, Edible Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Spices, Garlic Powder, Mustard Powder, Onion Powder, Jalapeno Seasoning (Sugar (15-25%), Iodized Salt (10-20%), Dehydrated Vegetable Powder (Onion, Garlic) (5-15%), Milk Solids (5-15%), Mixed Spices (Jalapeno (4%), Chilli, Ginger) (<10%), Vinegar Powder, Soya sauce powder (Starch, Salt, Soyabean) (<10%), Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (Soya) (<5%), Corn starch (<5%), Acidity regulator (INS 296) (<5%), Natural & nature identical flavourings, Anticaking agent (INS 551) (<3%), Flavoured Enhancer (INS 635) (<3%). Allergen information: Contains Milk, Soy) , Ginger, Milk Solids, Dehydrated vegetable powder, Soya & Edible Vegetable Oil. 

Taste Profile: Savoury, Flavoured, Crunchy.

Nutritional Information:

Allergen Information:

Contains Nuts and Soya.

Health Benefits:

  • Gluten free
  • No refined flour
  • Low sugar
  • High protein
  • Source of fiber
  • No preservatives