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Our creamy and smooth chocolatey dip is made with jaggery and is combined with mini biscuits which are baked to perfection. They provide the perfect vehicle for dipping, so you can enjoy every bit of the chocolatey goodness. Dipsters are easy to carry anywhere thanks to their irresistible taste and convenient packaging. Dip in. Anywhere. Anytime.

Ingredient List: 

Mini Biscuits - Maida, edible vegetable oil, partially hydrogenated edible vegetable oil, sugar, leavening agents (E503 (ii), E500 (ii),E341 (i), invert syrup, salt, yeast, acid regulators (270, 296), dough conditioner (E223) & improvers (Amylases & Other Enzymes). CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOURS (ARTIFICIAL).

Chocolatey Dip - Edible vegetable oil (palmolein, palm oil), jaggery, maltodextrin (E1400), milk solids (cow/buffalo), cocoa solids, emulsifier (E322(i) - lecithin of soya origin) & edible vegetable fat (hydrogenated). CONTAINS ADDED NATURE IDENTICAL (VANILLIN) FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES.

Taste/Texture Profile: 

Mini Biscuits - Baked, crunchy and delicious.

Chocolatey Dip - Rich, smooth and creamy.

Nutritional Information:

Allergen information:

Contains Gluten, Nuts, Milk & Milk Products & Soy (Lecithin of Soya Origin).

 Health Benefits:

  • No refined sugar 
  • Made using jaggery