Baked Mathri with Tamarind Dip

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As Indians we love dipping. Be it the biscuits in chai or our snacks with chutney. If you're a fan of the traditional Indian snacks, then this one's for you. Introducing our beloved Baked Mathris with a tangy twist of a Tamarind dip. Made from whole wheat flour, these crunchy mathris with the dip are a snack to be enjoyed with chai, coffee or simply as is!

Ingredient List: 

Baked Mathri - Wheat Flour, rice flour, olive oil, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, dried fenugreek powder and chaat masala.

Tamarind Dip - Water, sugar, jaggery, tomato paste 11% red chilly, tamarind 4%, iodised salt ,spices, condiments, acidity regulator (INS260), stabilizer (INS1422), (INS145), starch and preservative (INS211).

Taste Profile: 

Baked Mathri - Crispy, spicy, delicious.

Tamarind Dip - Sweet, tangy, flavorful.

Nutritional Information:


 Health Benefits 

  • Source of protein
  • Zero maida
  • Zero sugar
  • Baked