Shami 7-fer Comb

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Unleash a flavour explosion with our Shami 7-fer Combo! Packed with a winning mix of healthy snacks that will electrify your taste buds and send chills of excitement down your spine. Transform the game-watching experience with this winning combination of mu(n)ch better flavours and thrills! 

Box of 6 Trophy Winning Snacks

  • Baked Kachori 90g
  • Chatpata Crispy Sweet Corn 45g
  • Nacho cheese jowar Puffs 35g
  • Bombay Chaat Makhana 30g
  • Dahi Papdi Quinoa Puffs 35g
  • Roasted Moong Jor 85g
  • Baked Mathri 70g 


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