Everything Box

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One of the biggest snacking problems we all face–forgetting to stock up on the right snacks and then picking up the wrong (read junk) ones, during those dreaded hours of hunger pangs!


Specially curated by our in-house Snackologists, our Everything Box has the goodness of every single snack that we’ve got to offer. From Makhanas to Quinoa Puffs, Whole Wheat Thins, Nut Butters, Vegetable Chips to Cookies–there’s one for every craving! 


PS: This one’s PERFECT for a snack party!


Here’s what you’ll get in this ultimate box: 

  •  Baked Pizza Sticks w Cheesy Jalapeño Dip 75G
  •  Quinoa Puffs x 3 (35G Each)
  •  Jowar Puffs x 2 (35G Each)
  •  Makhanas x 3 (30G Each)
  •  Ragi Chips x 3 (70G Each)
  •  Popped Chips x 3 (30G Each)
  •  Spicy Taro Chips 30G
  •  Pudina Tapioca Chips 70G
  •  Peri Peri Sweet Potato Chips 30G
  •  Crispy Corn 55G
  •  Cream & Onion Whole Wheat Thins 80G
  •  French Vanilla Coconut Chips 40g
  • BBQ Beetroot Chips 30g
  •  Nankhatais x 2 (75G Each)
  •  Baked Bhakarwadi 75G 
  •  Peanuts x 3 (75G Each)
  •  Sparkling Nuts x 2 (70G Each)
  •  Chocolate Energy Bars x 5
  •  Cranberry Almond Energy Bars x 5
  •  Oatmeal Cashew Cookie Bars x 9
  •  Mini Cookies x 5 (70G Each)
  •  Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies Large 200G
  •  Whole Wheat Belgian Chocolate Chip Waffle 50G
  •  Keto Coconut Cookies (70 G)