Anniversary Special - Gift Box

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Don’t forget to gift your better half the best-selling goodness of Snackible on your special day!

Here’s what you’ll get to make your joyous occasion, healthy, scrumptious & even more joyous:

  •  Wheat & Jaggery Cookies 70G
  •  Baked Pizza Sticks with Cheesy Jalapeño Dip 75G
  •  Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies 75G
  •  Cheddar Cheese Makhana 30G
  •  Herbs & Cheese Chickpea Puffs 135g
  •  Peri Peri Ragi Chips 70G
  •  Himalayan Pink Salt & Pepper Popped Chips 30G
  •  Sriracha Quinoa Puffs 35G
  •  Jalapeno Peanuts 70G
  •  Nacho Cheese Jowar Puffs 35G
  •  French Vanilla Coconut Chips 40G
  •  Almond Cookies 70G
  •  Cheesy Jalapeño Quinoa Puffs 35G