Cocoa fills

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Something chocolatey, something crunchy - Cocoa Fills, a snack for every occasion! These bite-sized snacks melt in your mouth as you eat them, making them a deliciously addictive treat whenever you crave something sweet and don’t want to stop at just one. You will be surprised to learn that it contains no maida, no refined sugar & no preservatives making it a guilt free munchy.


Ingredient List: Multigrain Flours: (whole wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour), cocoa solids, milk solids, jaggery, minerals, stabilizers (INS170), vegetable oil, vegetable fat, Iodized salt.

Taste Profile:  Chocolatey, crunchy & crispy.

Nutritional Information : 

 Allergen information: Contains milk & milk products 

 Health Benefits: 

  • Baked 
  • No refined sugar 
  • Zero maida 
  • Made with multigrains
  • Source of dietary fibre