Hot Wasabi Peanuts

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The nutritional make-up of peanuts is known to have multiple benefits like rich in protein, low cholesterol. For all the wasabi lovers out there, these peanuts covered in hot wasabi may just be your next big thing.


Peanuts, Seasoning Mix (Sugar, Iodized salt, maltodextrin, spices and condiments (mustard, chilli, ginger), garlic powder (garlic, calcium stearate (470(i)), onion powder (Dehydrated Onion, Calcium Stearate (470(i)), soya sauce, acidity regulator (330), corn starch, flavour enhancers (627, 631), anticaking agent (551), edible fat (palm) and antioxident (319), NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES.), Edible Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Spices, Garlic, Mustard, Onion, Ginger, Parsley, Dehydrated Vegetable Powder, Soya, and Edible Vegetable Oil.

Taste profile:

Crunchy, spicy, flavorful

Nutritional Information:

Allergen Information:

Contains Nuts, Soy.

Health benefits:

  • High protein
  • No additives or preservatives 
  • Gluten Free