Rather than guessing what snack they might enjoy, this section allows you to gift your loved one a Snackible gift card with a desired amount of money in it. A one-time redeemable gift card, this section also allows you to create a customised code for them, which in order to be redeemed should be entered in the coupon code/gift voucher section at checkout. Click on the “Create Gift Card” button at the bottom to begin!

Name: Arjun Mehta 1500
Code: 1345

Gift Card

Gift Card

Terms & Conditions

This Snackible gift card can be redeemed only once for the total value of the gift card. In other words, if the gift card is valued at Rs. 500, snacks worth Rs. 500 must be redeemed at once. The validity of the gift card is one year from the date of its generation.



For every occasion big and small, or even just as a random act of kindness towards a loved one, a box of delicious and healthy munchies is appropriate on all counts! This section is designed specifically for that - here, you can either gift someone a Snackible gift card, or an assorted box of munchies straight off the a la carte menu, or even a long-term multi box subscription! Scroll down for more information!


This section allows you to buy individual snacks as separate items off the menu rather than as part of a set or combination of snacks. Click the “Choose Your Snacks” button to be redirected to the Snackible menu in its entirety

Whether its 20 large sized packets for your slumberparty or 15 medium sized packets for your cubical tell us how you want Snackible to wow you!


This section allows you to buy snacks in a combination at more affordable rates, where much like your magazine subscription, we’ll send you a box of snacks at regular intervals per week or per month, and for a set span of time.